Effectiveness of rearing juvenile pikeperch Sander lucioperca (L.), fed feeds supplemented with fish oil, linseed oil, or peanut oil      [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

  • Agata Kowalska
  • Zdzisław Zakęś
Keywords: pikeperch (Sander lucioperca), feeding, vegetable oil, rearing indices


The aim of the studies was to determine what effect feeding juvenile pikeperch (W = 59 g fish-1) diets supplemented with vegetable oils had on rearing. The diets used were iso-protein (45%) and iso-energy (21 MJ kg-1 feed) based with a 19% fat content. The fish were reared for four weeks on commercial trout feed (group CF) or on feed supplemented with fish oil (group FO), linseed oil (group LO), or peanut oil (group PO). The highest body weight was confirmed in the fish from group LO, while the lowest was in group CF (P<0.05). Significant differences in the relative final values of the specific growth rate (SGR) were noted between groups CF and PO and LO (P<0.05). Intra-group variations in fish body weight (CV) and condition factor (CF) were similar in each of the four feeding groups (P>0.05). The best feed conversion ratio (FCR) values were noted in the groups fed feed supplemented with vegetable oils (P<0.05). The value of the protein efficiency ratio (PER) in group LO was significantly the highest (P<0.05).


A. Kowalska [+], Z. Zakęś
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