Weight-length relationships for three fishes (Leuciscus leuciscus, Phoxinus phoxinus, Salmo trutta) from the Strwiąż River (Dniester River drainage)      [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

  • Michał Nowak
  • Włodzimierz Popek
  • Wojciech Jagusiak
  • Stanisław Deptuła
  • Jakub Popek
  • Krzysztof Tatoj
  • Krzysztof Klęczar
  • Piotr Epler
Keywords: biometrics, ichthyofauna, weight-length relationships, Strwiąż River


Weight-length relationships were investigated for three fish species, i.e., Leuciscus leuciscus (L.), Phoxinus phoxinus (L.), and Salmo trutta L., which occur commonly in the Strwiąż River, a tributary of the Dniester River (Black Sea Basin). It was found that the allometric model of regression fitted the three species much better than did the isometric one in the terms of the coefficient of determination (r2). The best fitted values of parameter a (intercept) were estimated as 0.038, 0.004, and 0.008, respectively, whereas parameter b (slope) values were 2.596, 3.408, and 3.106, respectively.


M. Nowak [+], W. Popek, St. Deptuła, J. Popek, K. Tatoj,
K. Klęczar, P. Epler
Department of Ichthyobiology and Fisheries
University of Agriculture in Kraków
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W. Jagusiak
Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, University of Agriculture in Kraków, Poland