Huchen in the Czech Republic: A review          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

  • Lubomír Hanel
  • Stanislav Lusk
  • Jan Andreska
Keywords: Hucho hucho, occurrence, stocking, recreational fishing, Czech Republic


This paper focuses on the historical and present occurrence of huchen, Hucho hucho (L.), in the Czech Republic. The last autochthonous huchen specimens caught in Moravia at the end of the nineteenth century are discussed, as are huchen stocking and and success rates in the Czech Republic from the late nineteenth century to the present, catches of trophy-sized recreational angling catches of huchen, and the results of measures taken to re-introduce the species to traditional areas of occurrence and to introduce it to new ones. The occurrence of huchen at present is confirmed in some sections of the Labe, Oder, and Morava river basins within the Czech Republic, and all of these populations are sustained through stocking material obtained through artificial reproduction. No self-sustaining huchen populations have been identified anywhere in this region.


L. Hanel [+], J. Andreska
Department of Biology and Environmental Education
Faculty of Education, Charles University Prague
M. D. Rettigové 4, Praha 1, 116 39, Czech Republic
S. Lusk
Bohuslava Martinů 9, Brno, 602 00