Artificial rearing of Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi) on salmonid fish farms in the district of Sakhalin region (Russia)          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

  • Sergey S. Makeev
  • Vladimir G. Samarskiy
  • Pavel S. Sukhonos
  • Igor S. Bobrov
  • Kirill A. Proskuryakov
Keywords: conservation, endangered species, Parahucho perryi, rearing, Russia


This paper presents the history and the results of rearing Parahucho perryi (Brevoort) under commercial conditions at salmonid fish farms in the district of Sakhalin. Experimental work was conducted at five fish farms where fish originating from ten rivers were reared. The optimal temperature range during egg incubation and larval rearing was 8-10°C. Visible eye pigmentation was noted, on average, after 24 days of incubation, and the larvae hatched between days 34 and 54 of incubation. Egg fertilization rates were high at 89.2-98.2%. High losses during the egg incubation and larval hatching stages indicate that the methods applied must be optimized.


S.S. Makeev [+], V.G. Samarskiy, P.S. Sukhonos, I.S. Bobrov
FGBU Sakhalinrybvod, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
K.A. Proskuryakov OOO Salmo, Russia