Parasites of Hucho hucho (L.), Hucho taimen (Pall.), and Parahucho perryi (Brevoort) (Salmonidae, Actinopterygii) – the state of knowledge          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

  • Marcin Popiołek
  • Jan Kusznierz
  • Jan Kotusz
  • Andrzej Witkowski
Keywords: Hucho hucho, Hucho taimen, Parahucho perryi, parasite species composition


Representatives of the genera Hucho and Parahucho are examples of fish that have yet been subjects of comprehensive parasitological examination. This paper presents the most current list of parasites of the three best documented species of the genera Hucho (Hucho hucho, Hucho taimen) and Parahucho (Parahucho perryi) from the entire range of their occurrence. Notably, the decided majority of the parasitic worms, or helminths, identified in these hosts (trematodes, cestodes, nematodes) are represented by intestinal adult forms. This indicates that the fish of the genera Hucho and Parahucho are the definitive hosts of these parasites, as opposed to that of intermediate or paratenic host. This fact is significant in terms of potential parasitic pathogenesis and the consequent lowered host resistance to disadvantageous environmental impacts.


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