Impact of feed rations on growth, selected body parameters and maturation of vendace, Coregonus albula L., reared in RAS          [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

  • Bożena Szczepkowska
  • Mirosław Szczepkowski
  • Iwona Piotrowska
Keywords: feed ration, maturation, RAS, vendace, growth


Vendace, Coregonus albula L., was reared to commercial size in a recirculating system. Three different feed rations were applied during the ten-month-long experiment. The feed rations impacted fish growth rates, and fish in the different groups achieved body weights of 26.6 g to 57.5 g. The final survival in all groups was similar from 44.3% among the fish fed the smallest feed ration to 53.2% in the group receiving the largest feed ration. No differences were noted in the share of viscera, peritoneal fat, or in the hepatosomatic indexes, but there were differences in the gonadosomatic indexes. After thermal stimulation, only males achieved sexual maturity. The number of mature fish was similar in all groups and ranged from 17.8 to 21.3% of all fish. The results of the present study indicated that vendace can achieve commercial size in an intensive rearing period of ten months in RAS.


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