Maraena whitefish (Coregonus maraena) larvae reveal enhanced growth during first feeding with live Artemia nauplii

  • Ralf Bochert
  • Theresa Horn
  • Peter Luft
Keywords: on-feeding, larval growth, live feed, dry feed, Maraena whitefish


Newly hatched Coregonus maraena (Bloch) larvae reared in aquaria were observed during two trials in 2014 and 2015 for 42 and 34 days after hatching in order to determine the on-feeding effects of different feeding strategies on growth and survival. Feeds of commercial dry feed, live Artemia nauplii, frozen rotifers, and mixtures of these were compared. Larval whitefish were fed brine shrimp for up to 13 days beginning 4 days post hatch (dph). Whitefish larvae fed live Artemia for 8-9 h per day over a period of 10-12 days grew considerably larger (mean value of final total length (TL) 27.3-33.0 mm)) and were heavier (mean value of final body weight (BW) 112-165 mg)) than those fed dry feed, frozen rotifers, or Artemia for 3-6 days (TL= 22.6-30.2 mm; BW= 50-102 mg). The growth of larvae fed for 24 h solely on dry food was comparable (BW= 101 mg, TL= 26.6 mm) at 42 dph. Survival differed among groups (31-63%) and was highest for larvae fed dry food exclusively. Our results can improve the first feeding of Maraena whitefish larvae in small-scale fish farms.


R. Bochert [+], T. Horn, P. Luft
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Research Center of Agriculture and Fisheries (LFA MV)
Institute of Fisheries, Research Station Aquaculture, Suedstr. 8, 18375 Born/Darss, Germany