Length-weight relationships of two threatened Gobio species endemic to Turkey: Gobio insuyanus Ladiges and Gobio microlepidotus Battalgil

  • Mehmet Borga Ergönül
  • Jan Breine
  • Sibel Atasağun
Keywords: Fisheries, Gobio, gudgeon, LWR, Insuyu Creek, Lake Tuz


The length-weight relationship (LWR) parameters of Gobio insuyanus Ladiges, and Gobio microlepidotus Battalgil, which are endemic to Turkey, were estimated. The fish were caught by single-pass electrofishing with backpack electrofishing gear. The range for fork length and total weight and the LWR parameters including regression parameters (a, b, and their 95% CI) and the coefficient of determination (r2) were calculated for both species. The b values were 2.921 for G. insuyanus and 2.906 for G. microlepidotus. The length-weight relationships were statistically significant for both species (P < 0.001). An urgent species conservation plan is highly recommended for G. insuyanus in light of its narrow distribution area and the human impacts threatening its natural habitat.