Determinants of dam reservoir fisheries impacted by climate change as observed by managers from the entities authorized to exploit these fisheries in East-Central Europe

  • Marek Trella
  • Tomasz Czerwiński
  • Arkadiusz Wołos
Keywords: dam reservoir, fisheries, climate change


The aim of this paper is to present and discuss the results of a survey of fishers exploiting dam reservoirs to determine the conditions of conducting fisheries associated primarily with climate change. Overall, questionnaires were obtained from 18 enterprises (of which 16 were chapters of the Polish Anglers Association) regarding a total of 30 reservoirs with a combined surface area of 29,666 ha, which is 49% of the total surface are of this type of basin in Poland, the largest country in East-Central Europe. This sample is highly representative of all the fisheries conducted in this basin category in Poland and in other East-Central European regions. The following questions referring to the impact of climate change were defined and analyzed based on the answers obtained from the questionnaires: survival of hatchlings, fry, and adult fish; the spawning success of selected fish species; selected hydrological and biological reservoir parameters, the possibility of using and the effectiveness of fishing gears; the length of the recreational fishing season; the size of recreational and commercial fisheries catches of different fish species. Information regarding the impact of reservoirs on fish migrations was also obtained.