Semen characteristics of the endangered cyprinid lake minnow, Eupallasella percnurus (Pall.), from different Polish populations

  • Justyna Sikorska
  • Sylwia Judycka
  • Rafał Kamiński
  • Jacek Wolnicki
Keywords: milt volume, sperm motility, hormonal stimulation, endangered species, Eupallasella percnurus


The aim of the study was to compare the quality and quantity parameters of semen in male lake minnow, Eupallasella percnurus (Pallas, 1814), from six Polish populations. Substantial differences among the populations were found in milt volume (36–112 μl) and sperm concentration (4.7–8.0 × 109 ml-1). Mean values for sperm motility were similar; however, there were population-related differences in sperm velocity measured with VSL (96.3–127 μm s-1). Despite this, the quality of semen in all cases was high and appropriate for both artificial reproduction and cryopreservation.