The impact of angling experience on the efficiency of float fishing using different hook types

  • Tomasz K. Czarkowski
  • Andrzej Kapusta
Keywords: catch-and-release, survival, mortality, angling


The aim of the study was to compare the catch efficiency of novice and experienced anglers float fishing with different hook types. The mortality of fish that were caught and released was determined based on the experience of the angler and the type of hook used. The mean catch rates of the experienced angler was 46.7 fish per hour, while that of the novice angler was 33.7 fish per hour. The landing efficiency of fish using hooks with micro-barbs was higher than that with barbless hooks. Angling experience had a significant impact on the mean time required to unhook caught fish and also on the mortality of the fish released. The lowest mortality was noted in fish caught by experienced anglers fishing with barbless hooks. The results of the study suggest that angling experience does not have a great impact on parameters characterizing the quality of angling catches. The efficiency of float fishing performed by novice and experienced anglers was similar. Differences were noted in the time required to unhook the fish and in the mortality of the fish released.