The perception of the issue of spawner harvesting in lakes by the owners and managers of the entities authorised to commercial and reacreational fisheries management

  • Marek Trella
  • Arkadiusz Wołos
Keywords: lake fisheries entities, spawners, catches, fisheries management


In recent years, the issue of spawner harvesting has been frequently addressed by different groups of stakeholders involved in the exploitation of fish resources. The increasingly numerous angling circles, which use these resources recreationally, question the current rules of fish stocking management in Poland, and its legal and economic status has become the focus of scientists’ interest. The aim of the study was to present and discuss the results of a questionnaire survey addressed to managers and owners of lake fisheries entities in order to identify the determinants of fisheries management related to spawner harvesting. Questionnaires were collected from a total of 76 entities, and concerned 1921 lakes with a total area of 174,078 ha, which accounts for more than 64% of the total area of lakes used for fishing and angling purposes in Poland. The paper presents inter alia the occupational characteristics of the respondents; their positions on the effect of spawner harvesting on lake ecosystem, environmental protection, and social factors; anglers’ assessments of spawner harvesting; the actual and potential methods for regulating this harvesting; and the negative and positive effects of the introduction of a prohibition on this harvesting. The results show that the respondents under study generally do not see the need for the introduction of additional (except those already in place) regulations concerning spawner harvesting, most of them notice the adverse effects of their introduction, but they are also aware of the possible changes and their impact on management.