First record of six marine fish species caught occasionally in the northern Arabian Sea in Pakistan

  • Wajiha Shaikh
  • Sher Panhwar
Keywords: New records, distribution range, rare fishes, Pakistan


The present article presents the results of a recent independent fishery survey conducted in the northern Arabian Sea off the coast of Pakistan in 2016–2018. The survey confirmed the underreported occurrence of six fish species that are now included in the ichthyofauna diversity of Pakistan: Ambassis natalensis, Pomadasys striatus, Narcine oculifera, Paramonacanthus choirocephalus, Paramonacanthus tricuspis, Chromis westaustralis. The fishes were collected with demersal trawls operated at the depth of 165 m (90 fathoms), and the taxonomy, habitat, and distribution range of each of the species were carefully examined and verified with information available in Eschmyer’s fish catalog, Fishbase, WoRMS, and FAO. It is necessary to update the marine ichthyofauna record of Pakistan with the detailed taxonomic descriptions of each species and their distribution ranges.