Length-weight relationships and condition factors of three freshwater fish species – Bangana dero (Ham.), Cyprinus carpio L., and Sperata seenghala (Sykes) – from the Sutlej River, India

  • Anjali Rana
  • Ravneet Kaur
Keywords: fish population, fish morphometric characters, allometric growth, fish management


Waterbodies are polluted by human activities or the increasing intensity of these activities, and this affects fish populations. The quality of the water fish inhabit directly impacts their growth and overall health. Length-weight relationships (LWRs) and relative condition factors (Kn) were estimated for three freshwater fish species from the Sutlej River of India from October 2020 to May 2022. A total of 232 fish specimens were caught with cast and gill nets in Gobindsagar Reservoir, Himachal Pradesh and Ropar Wetland, Punjab. Total length was strongly correlated with all the morphological characters (p < 0.001). The growth coefficients calculated (b) for Bangana dero, Cyprinus carpio, and Sperata seenghala were 2.858, 2.506, and 2.555, respectively, and indicated negative allometric growth. The correlation coefficients (r) indicated strong linear relationships between the weights and lengths of all three fish species. The outcomes of this study will help fisheries researchers, environmentalists, and scientists to develop future monitoring and conservation strategies for these fish species.