Obituary for Bronisław Długoszewski

  • Małgorzata Godlewska
  • Andrzej Hutorowicz
  • Lech Doroszczyk
  • Jacek Tunowski
  • Ewa Kanigowska


It was with great regret that we received the news of the unexpected death of our colleague, Bronek Długoszewski. He passed away at the age of 74, on Christmas Eve 2023, plunging his family and friends into grief. The Inland Fisheries Institute has lost a respected specialist in the field of hydroacoustics, and Polish spearfishing has lost another legend. For 44 years, Bronek was an employee of the Department of Fisheries Technology, and later of the Laboratory of Hydroacoustics – at the Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn. He had a great knowledge of fish, which was the main object of his interest, both professional and hobby. He also had many years of experience in working on and under water. He was a valued employee, co-author of over 20 scientific publications in Polish and foreign journals, participant of a number of scientific projects, including foreign ones (France, Norway, Hungary, China), as well as a winner of many trophies of the Spearfishing Poland Association. He was an extraordinary person, a man whose whole life was an underwater kingdom. The doyen of spearfishing, an exceptional, good and wise man. His modesty, nobility and kindness will forever remain in our memory. Rest in peace, dear Friend.