Preliminary rearing outcomes of Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baerii Brandt, juveniles in autonomous hatching and rearing modules

  • Iwona Piotrowska
  • Michał Kozłowski
Keywords: growth, Siberian sturgeon, stocking density, recirculating aquaculture system, tank shape


This study analyzed the rearing indicators of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) juveniles reared in tanks of different shapes and at various stocking densities. Rearing was conducted in autonomous hatching and rearing modules. Fish of an average body weight of 47.3±1.0 g were divided into four experimental groups: CL, RL, CH, and RH, which differed in stocking density (20 specimens and 50 specimens) and tank shape (C – circular, R – rectangular). The experiment ran for 28 days. Two-factor  analysis indicated that lower stocking density significantly affected the final body weight of juvenile Siberian sturgeon, while tank shape had no effect on growth. The results of the current study on rearing Siberian sturgeon juveniles indicated that  tanks of different shapes can be applied, but faster growth was obtained at a lower stocking density.